Radon is an invisible gas that is created when granite ledge breaks down. Since it's impossible to see whether there is ledge below the ground underneath the home, a simple test can be performed to not only determine the presence of radon, but also the level at which it is present.

There are many factors that affect the level of radon in a home; here are just a few:  type of basement, air tightness of the house, ventilation systems present, soil type below the home, etc.

Radon can also become dissolved in well water and then be released when the water is aerated, through a faucet or shower.  Experts usually test for radon in the water after obtaining results from the radon air test.

Straightforward Inspections, LLC is not registered to perform radon tests.  If you wish to have radon tests performed, we can recommend an expert who is registered with the State of Maine Radiation Control Program and very proficient in evaluating these factors and performing an accurate test of the air in your home.


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